Books For February

As parents, we know that reading with our children is incredibly important. Not only does it improve their reading skills, but it also a great time to bond and come together. The only trouble is finding the right books to read. Children’s books come in all shapes and sizes which means it can be tricky […]

How Can Amazon Echo Help Your Family?

The Amazon Echo is one of the most impressive and popular home gadgets in recent times, with a seemingly endless range of things that it can help us to achieve. By simply speaking to “Alexa”, the Echo’s friendly persona, you can accomplish a wide range of tasks around the home. Whether you’re thinking of investing […]

What, exactly, is BlockChain Technology?

If you’ve been to any parties lately, you may have seen small huddles of people, standing in corners, earnestly chatting about BitCoin and BlockChain technology in particular. Seemingly the latest soundbite where people gather together, cryptocurrencies are all the rage and it’s easy to get left behind in such a fast-moving technological world. But fear […]

Outdoor Activities For Winter

It’s often hard enough to put down their electronic gadgets and out into the fresh air at the best of times, but when winter comes around and the temperatures drop, getting them off the sofa can be even more challenging. However, there are plenty of fun outdoor activities that you can do as a family […]

Our January Animation Recommendations

Action animation first made an impact on me during the seventies with the likes of Battle of the Planets making the mini-me wish I was part of that fantastic dynamic. Throughout the eighties and nineties this style of cartoon burgeoned in popularity with Thundercats and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles leading the way. Today, we’re ringing […]

A Parent’s New Year’s Resolution Guide: Top fitness apps

The dreaded exercise.   Every year I say this, I must exercise more, cut out chocolate etc. etc., but finding the motivation to keep going is hard!  But 2018 is a New Year and this year I’m getting the whole family involved!  Making it more fun and doing things that the whole family can get […]

The Best Educational Technology Toys For Your Pre-Schoolers

Although there is no substitute for playing with your child yourself in order to help them to learn and develop, there are times when you need some “me time”. Educational pre-school toys are a great way to keep your little ones occupied when you’re busy but which will help them to learn while having fun […]

Are Todays Games Really Any Better?

By David Layzelle Stepping away from Forza Horizon 3 on an Xbox One S connected to a 4K TV reminds you that computer game graphics have risen to a point where they are almost indistinguishable from reality.  The way that light shimmers across iridescent paintwork, and darts through gaps between foliage brings a startling realism […]

Confirmation Bias – How Guilty Are Parents Of This?

Confirmation bias is one of those things we’re all guilty of, especially as parents.  However do we realise just how far we go to prove our point or to reinforce what we really believe? Sometimes of course it can be completely unrecognisable that we’re even being biased at times, because as parents we can be […]

Top 5 Tips for Moving Your Family To Another Country 

Any move overseas can be extremely challenging, however when you have to uproot your children and take them to a different country with you, it can be a very testing time. Making sure your little ones are well prepared for the move is essential for getting the relocation off to the right start, and there […]