Are Todays Games Really Any Better?

By David Layzelle Stepping away from Forza Horizon 3 on an Xbox One S connected to a 4K TV reminds you that computer game graphics have risen to a point where they are almost indistinguishable from reality.  The way that light shimmers across iridescent paintwork, and darts through gaps between foliage brings a startling realism […]

Confirmation Bias – How Guilty Are Parents Of This?

Confirmation bias is one of those things we’re all guilty of, especially as parents.  However do we realise just how far we go to prove our point or to reinforce what we really believe? Sometimes of course it can be completely unrecognisable that we’re even being biased at times, because as parents we can be […]

Top 5 Tips for Moving Your Family To Another Country 

Any move overseas can be extremely challenging, however when you have to uproot your children and take them to a different country with you, it can be a very testing time. Making sure your little ones are well prepared for the move is essential for getting the relocation off to the right start, and there […]

App of the Month: Math v Zombies 2

TapToLearn Software, iOS/android, 4+, Premium Numbers Are The Ultimate Survival Tool!   What better way to bring education and halloween together than a game that has you battling zombies with the power of math! Following on from the first Math v Zombie it has the same gameplay, although with the addition of a few new […]

App of the Month

Imagistory Publishing Ltd. iOS, 4+, Free with In-App Purchases Unleash Your Inner Roald Dahl!  Imagistory is an app that allows your little one to become the storyteller by letting them record their voice as it presents a set of illustrations. Each set is a story that range from different themes, both fantasy and day-to-day. It […]

Books For September

By Sam Tydeman There is a distinctly adventurous feel to this month’s book recommendations. Particularly those of the jungle variety. Whether it is a bright and colourful look at the animals that call the jungle their home, an experts insight into an adventure, or perhaps a child who has to learn how to be an […]

Creative Activities For The Holidays

If a week is a long time in politics, six weeks is an eternity for children, and keeping them occupied for all that time a task for parents.  Kids are easily tempted by expensive days out and we as parents often give in to them, just to keep the status quo, but it is perfectly […]

Mixing Video Games With A New Baby

By David Layzelle There’s nothing like your partner announcing that “we’re having a baby” to send a fella into medley of mixed emotions and thoughts; will it be a boy or girl? Should you sign it up for Harvard or will the local Comprehensive suffice?  Is green poop normal? Will it interfere with my completing […]

Can Technology Help Your Baby Sleep Better?

By Zunammie Keren Most parents know that there is some kind of sick joke in the universe where babies love nothing more for you to put them to sleep and then just start screaming the house down just as you manage to drop off to sleep. But is there some way that technology can help […]

Books for July

By Sam Tydeman This month we have a real variety of books to share with you. We have beautiful and classical styled board books for the smallest readers, a story of a super dad, a rabbit who needs to save his family, and a half vampire, half fairy who thinks that is wise to try […]