Entertainment For August

It Was a Short Summer, Charlie Brown (1969) Kicking off with an oldie, It Was a Short Summer, Charlie Brown sees the Peanuts gang getting ready for summer camp fun and games – in their own inimitable style. As Charlie writes up a report of his time at summer camp, he recounts how badly the […]

More Than Just Fun – How Playing with Legos Benefits Kids

Lego is a brand that we all know, and the vast majority of us absolutely love. It is something that most of us were born with and took with us through the whole of childhood. Some of us still pay absurd amounts of money for the plastic blocks because it is just so nostalgic and […]

Kids App Spotlight: DragonBox Algebra 5+

WeWantToKnow AS, iOS/android, 7+, $4.99 Easy peezy algebra? For a lot of people, there mere mention of algebra sends a cold sweat down their spine. But can it really be taught in a way that is, dare-we-say, enjoyable? This app certainly tries to give it a go. What it does it is introduce algebraic concepts […]

An Age Appropriate Guide To Adding Friends

If you’re considering buying a cell phone for your child or giving them a laptop or tablet, you’ve probably already thought about which apps you’ll allow them to download and which of the social media platforms you think are suitable for them to use. However, have you actually thought about how you’re going to keep […]

Books for July

We have a distinctly fantasy and science fiction feel to this months book content. The great thing about reading these particular genres with your children, or encouraging them to read them is that they can escape. They can travel to mystical lands that they might not even have imagined of. Fantasy and Science Fiction books […]

Should Your Kid Be Blogging? Three Reasons Why It Should Be Encouraged

As a parent, encouraging your child’s creativity is often paramount, especially if you think your child has a talent for imagination or writing. However, regardless of their skills and abilities, writing their own kid blog could be the ideal way to foster an interest in the digital world and to encourage your child to engage […]

Books for June

Another month and another assortment of amazing books for you to add to your child’s bedtime collection. Reading is a key part of the development of your child, not only improving their own reading skills but also their use and understanding of language and their imagination too. The only thing is, deciding on what to […]

Thinking Of Getting Your Child A Smartphone?

Check These Signs To See If They’re Ready Kids are starting to ask for smartphones from a younger age than ever before, and even elementary school can now been seen with their own Instagram accounts and watching YouTube videos from the palm of their hands. However, are children this young really ready for the responsibility […]

Top Storytelling Podcasts Your Kids Will Love

Whether you’re heading off on a road trip, waiting for a dentist’s appointment or just don’t have time to do the bedtime story tonight, a storytelling podcast could be your savior. Although podcasts have a bit of a reputation for being dull and boring, in fact there are some that are aimed specifically at children, […]