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By Sam Tydeman

When you are a parent you will want to encourage your children to read as much as you can. Whether that is by enjoying a great book together (ideal of pre-schoolers) or finding something that they can get lost in alone; there seems to be lots of different choices out there when it comes to fiction and non-fiction for kids.

Let us be your guides in some of the best reads for even the smallest bookworms in the family!


The Dork Diaries Series (9-12 years)

The 9-12 age bracket is a tricky one when it comes to books. This is especially true for girls who may find younger targeted books too babyish but may not be ready to enter into the world of young adult reading.

Enter the Dork Diaries series; these books written by Rachael Renee Russell centre around Nikki, a self-proclaimed Dork trying to figure out the world around her! Now a series of popular books these are ideal if you have a “tween” who loves having a good laugh as much as she loves reading!

Desolation (Young Adult)

One of the most popular series of books in the young adult market, Skulduggery Pleasant is written by author Derek Landy.

Now turning his attention to a more supernatural approach, April 2016 has seen the release of second book in his new Trilogy “Demon Hill”. Desolation is a thriller suitable for young adults and takes them into a dark and dangerous world that seems to be a little too close to Hell!

What the Ladybird Heard Next (Preschool)

For those of us who have younger children there is a good chance that you will have entered into the wonderful world of Julia Donaldson.

Her books are not only great to read but also packed full of fantastic illustrations that pre-schoolers sewem to love! So, we are sure that you will be more than a little excited to learn that there is a new arrival in her collection.

Following on from the ever popular What the Ladybird Heard; we have the next instalment in this exciting tale of how one tiny insect battles two crafty crooks on their mission to steal the farmers Big Red Hen!

Stampy’s Lovely Book (Activity book for 5+)

Minecraft; it seems that no parent across the world can escape from this pixelated arena of gaming. Children everywhere have become infatuated with the blocks and well, there isn’t much more to it than that, which make the basis to this addictive game.

This is music to the ears of game enthusiast Stampy who has made most of his fans through his love of Minecraft.

Stampy’s book is a collection of comic strips, pictures and fun things to do that is ideal for those kids that find themselves feeling just a little bored in-between building their next fort to protect from Creepers or perhaps escaping a Mob (check us out with our Minecraft knowledge).


So there you have it, some top tips on great reads for your youngsters. Join us next month when we will have some more much loved classics and new releases in the world of children’s books!

We recommend new and old classics every month. Read more book recommendations in the June issue out now!

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