My Girly Geeks and Siri…

By Michelle Belle

I have to make an early confession here, I have never really understood the whole ‘Siri’ thing. I am an apple fan girl, this is true, but otherwise apart from a few failed attempts when it was first released, I have largely ignored its presence on my phone, preferring to do thing the ‘old fashioned’ way.

Until that is… the voice of Siri started following Geek Parenting on twitter!

It inspired me to look in to it further, so I called for back-up…

Enter the experts… 

I asked the girly geeks what they knew about Siri and they promptly announced that they were Siri experts!

What it takes to be a Siri expert I am not sure, but they sat me down and showed me the basics.

Firstly this was about how you can use Siri to open apps and check the weather and find things out, but thats the boring part… the fun begins when you start too interact with Siri!

You can change the voice and the accent to your preferred setting, I have the guy on mine, the eldest has the woman and the youngest somehow has an Australian woman (you can change the accents and gender in settings!)

So this is what we did next…

Funny things to make Siri do…

All you have to do is try things out and say some words, these are the geeky girls favourite things to do with Siri…

Siri – Beatbox

Siri – Rap

Siri – Sing (try it a few times – and remember your manners!)

Knock knock

I love you Siri

(also – try them a few times for different funny answers!)

Funny questions to ask Siri…

Is santa real?

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

Do you like Pokemon Go?

What came first – the chicken or the egg?

What is the meaning of life?

Other uses… 

You can ask Siri anything, and obviously you can use it for educational purposes too!

Siri can handle maths questions, english question, can tell you about history and point you in the direction to find out more. It is actually a lot of fun to use, and for the younger generation and children with learning difficulties, I can see how (aside from the hilarious answers Siri gives) how the technology behind Siri can be utilised for learning beyond words.

Most of our children are tech savvy these days (this article is a prime example – my children are my first go to for when I need to know something or get something fixed!)

Natural Born Programmers

I am often surprised by how technologically advanced my children are, my 10 year old announced last week that she had ‘re-programmed’ her laptop…

I’m not sure what she did as I am a “to the help-desk” person (who then proceeds to frustrate anyone trying to help by not understanding a lot of what they say…) but whatever she did, it now works faster than it did before and is working better than it has done in months. They just seem to instinctively understand technology, and part of me wonders if the Siri software isn’t a little more carefully crafted than we might think?

To younger people, they work in harmony with technology, its always been there for them so they naturally blend it with their lives. So to have a voice they can interact with makes the technology more real to them than maybe to older people.

It is not only a useful function, it also gives a personality to the device we are interacting with and it makes the device seem humanistic, something to be friends with rather than simply utilise.


It might seem like a crazy idea, but the blended approach between technology and nature is the future, and with artificial intelligence becoming more and more intrinsically linked with our every day lives, Siri is a gateway in to working with technology – not as its master, but as a co-creator.

I am a huge huge fan of working in harmony with everything in life, and for me personally, I am excited to see where our children will go with this technology in the future and what ideas and inventions are being inspired right now and what is to come over the next few years.

To have this little pocket computer, that tells you things, interacts with you and tells jokes and does funny things?

I think sometimes its good to take a deep breath – sit back – and think about what we have and just go WOW – technology is awesome!

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