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By Zunammie Keren

When the first Star Wars film was released back in May 1977 it was an instant blockbuster hit and children all over the world started to fantasise about having their very own, walking, talking robot companion like R2D2. At the time a humanoid robot could only be found on the big screen, in the pages of science fiction novels or in the minds of ambitious robotic scientists.

Today however, humanoid robots of varying kinds are very much a part of our reality and there are several companies around the world that are working on projects to bring them into the homes of everyday people. UBTECH is one such company and their intent is not only make robots household features, but also to help children learn skills like coding by playing with programmable DIY robots like the ones in their JIMU robot kits.


Headquartered in Shenzhen City, China, UBTECH is a high tech robotics enterprise that has a history of producing commercial robots and promoting them around the world. They are dedicated to commercialising the use of humanoid robots and they have a highly qualified and experienced team of robotics experts on staff to help them achieve this goal.

UBTECH robotics already has several patents in areas such as industrial design and invention but they remain focused creating new robotic projects to entertain as well as to educate young children as can be seen from their latest offering, the JIMU Robot line. The previous humanoid robots from UBTECH, the Alpha 2 and the Alpha 1S were all well received by consumers and all indications are that the JIMU is certain follow in their footsteps.

Introducing the JIMU Robot 

Not to be left behind on the trend of programmable robots that can help children learn how to code without having to study pages of text that are clearly written for more mature persons, UBTECH launched their JIMU robot line to the world on April 1,2016. The JIMU line was designed to be as intelligent as the robots from UBTECH’s Alpha series but with more of a focus on interactive education.

There are 3 different robot kits available in the JIMU line: the MeeBot Kit, the most user-friendly of the 3, the Explorer Kit and the Inventor Kit which is the most challenging set to work with and is designed for more advanced children. The kits all allow users to create their own robots from scratch, program them and actually see the results of their efforts play out in real action.

UBTECH also has a very active online community where users of their robotics products can interact with each other and share designs, tips and tricks, as well as show off their robots and get help with any issues they may have with their own designs. Users will also have access to the JIMU robot app that can be used to access design instructions to construct robots as well as to program instructions for the completed robots to carry out.

When learning to code is this fun and easy for 8 year olds what will they be able to create for our future? Whichever way you choose to look at it, the future is filled with potential and programmable robots like those offered by companies like UBTECH are just the beginning to show us what is possible.

Taken from the August issue of Geek Parenting, out now!

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