5 Apps to Help You Find Location Specific Activities Just for Kids 

By Kylie Whyte

Some days when you are travelling as a family it is really nice to do something specifically just for the kids. They have to be fairly accommodating to what we need them to do and be while travelling and they don’t often get the time to just be kids. If we don’t allow them the time and space to be themselves and learn through play and let’s face it, to burn off some energy, they will find it harder to do the things we expect of them.

It can be a difficult task to find what to do or where to go for kids in places we are not familiar with. It is easy to find the landmarks or the popular tourist places, but not so the more local and kid friendly ones. So how do you find out where to go? Asking the locals will help you to find some good spots, but why not use technology to take the time out of researching. Here are some apps that will vhelp you find the places you need.

1. Mom Maps

In your town, you may know every local kids spot like the back of your hand but this is not always the case when you are travelling unless perhaps you are staying in the one location and you have spent hours researching before leaving home. Mom Maps has more than 28,000 locations specifically for kids, in 28 metro areas that span from Portland US to Paris. The app contains useful information and uses your GPS functionality to direct you to find the nearest park, playground or indoor play area wherever you may be.

Available on iOS and android.

2. BabyOut World
Babyout World puts in one app, everything you need when you are out and about with your kids. You can use the app to find playgrounds, amusements, zoos etc etc. The spots you are interested in can be found on the map with details of the venue and the app can also guide you to the destination.

Available on iOS and android.

3. Playground Buddy
This app specifically helps you to locate playgrounds using a database of over 200000 playgrounds. Playground Buddy allows you to see a street view of the playground before you go and will give you directions to the one you choose. It also allows you to share details and locations with others.

Available on iOS and android.

4. Yuggler

Yuggler is all about kids activities and family fun. It allows you to find family friendly activities or events for children of all ages in your neighbourhood or at your travel destination. You can use this app to organise places and things to do with bookmarks, favourites and reminders. You can also collaborate and share activities with friends and family.

Available on iOS.

5. Find Baby Changing Facilities
On a slightly different note, while you are out and about having fun with your kids, if you have a baby or toddler in tow, it can be difficult to find somewhere suitable to change their nappy when you need to. Find Baby Changing Facilities will, no matter where you are in the world, show you all the closest facilities to change your baby’s nappy in safety and private. The app will also give you the exact distance to the location.

Available on iOS and android.

So check out some of these apps to find some great places while you are travelling to give your kids some time to be themselves and to just be kids. You will find that they will be much more calm and travel better given the opportunity to do something they love.

You may also find some great places in your neighbourhood that you didn’t know about!!

Happy Travels Kylie

Taken from the October issue of Geek Parenting, out now!

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