Worlds Largest Lesson

Preparing our children for the future of the world issues 

We’re all aware of the importance of education and the importance of the right education, from a young age. Of course what many of us take for granted, the opportunity to receive the right education is not always an option.  Change is happening and across the globe World Leaders are working together to ensure that every young person has the right to receive some sort of formal education/schooling.

As part of the Geneva Peace Week (taking place on November 9, 2016) a focus on Education Diplomacy is high on the agenda.  The event aims to highlight the importance of education “as a transformational driver for peace”.  Contributing significantly to the “World’s Largest Lesson” initiative launched by Project Everyone.

The rationale behind the “World’s Largest Lesson” is to bring to the forefront some of the issues affecting the world in which we live in.

Back in 2015 our World Leaders set a target for 2030.  And the agenda for Sustainable Development and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals was set.

These global goals focus on encouraging people to help find ways to: End extreme poverty; fight inequality and injustice and fix climate change.  And the Education Diplomacy element of the Geneva Peace Week is an opportunity to show how everyone can contribute to this process.

The main objectives of this specific seminar are to:

  • Highlight education as a transformational driver for political, economic, and social change – central to achieving universal peace as envisioned by the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda;
  • Convey the urgency to uphold the right to education, particularly in areas of conflict and crises;
  • Understand how Education Diplomacy provides a sustainable pathway to peace and peacebuilding;
  • Explain how Education Diplomacy is necessary to ensure national governments prioritise education through equitable policies and funding, enlighten the public on how education contributes to global security, and promote the appropriate influence of non-state actors, such as NGOs and business, in guaranteeing the right to education.

The seminar is targeting a wide range of representatives in a bid to encourage them to take their understanding and knowledge and relay it to our younger generations.  As well as get involved with how they can support, help and drive these initiatives forward.  Providing ourselves with this level of understanding regarding Education Diplomacy lets us see just how important it is for our children.  Not just in terms of their education but in terms of the future world in which they will grow up in.

Tying in with the World’s Largest Lesson, it highlights the Sustainable Development Agenda but also shows how some of these influencers can help make a positive change for the future.

It sounds like a huge weight and responsibility to place on our future generations.  The idea that it is their responsibility to change the world (in a positive way)!

What we have to remember is of course not one person can make these changes.  It is about everyone learning and working together in a bid to do something to help.  This is why educating kids to be inventive, creative, innovative and campaign is so important.

The World’s Largest Lesson is a great way for us all to get involved but also for us to really get our kids interested in sustainable development.  Let’s face it for many just those two words “sustainable development” mean nothing to them.  There’s no context and sometimes it’s hard to see something that’s not always directly in front of you or affecting you at the moment in time.

We always try to protect our children from anything “bad” or “hurtful” and this is a great initiative to continue being protective.  Educating children and students (as well as us adults) about the Social Development Goal’s helps to start and build up ideas and engagement for sustainable development.

It starts to get everyone involved and also looking at ways in which they can help.  It is the possibilities that can come from this learning that helps to protect our children’s future.  Their children’s, children and so on!

This is a new initiative being launched by Project Everyone, but already it is gaining great momentum.  Where we see educators setting aside one week in the curriculum to teach their students about the Goal’s and to start thinking creatively about how they could contribute.

What the World’s Largest Lesson does is make Sustainable Development more exciting.  It brings it to life.  It also brings the concept into the modern world, raising its importance and with the use of social media and video it helps to engage with the younger audiences.

The exciting part for parents is the possibility that it could be your child that one day develops a science that reduces the amount of pollution on our streets.  Or what about your little creative genius that sees an opportunity to help fight against poverty.

In their “World’s largest lesson” video with Ambassador Emma Watson, it shows remarkable children who all want to do something to make their life and others lives easier.  To help create a better world and no matter how old they are, to be able to have the opportunity to have their say.  Make their mark and really make a difference.

The World’s issues will never be completely eradicated but through seminars on Education Diplomacy with high profile influencers as well as initiatives such as the World’s Largest Lesson, we can certainly help prepare our children for the future and how they can be part of something positively great!

Taken from the November issue of Geek Parenting, out now!

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