Can Cute Robots Be A Viable Alternative To Pets?

By Zunammie Keren

It is no secret that robotic pets are becoming more and more common in the household. In an era of artificial intelligence robots are being used to resemble common pets such as cats and dogs. They also mimic pets more naturally with the added benefit of not having to clean and feed! With all this in mind we wonder if cute robots can be a viable alternative to pets. Over the years customers have even named their pet robots and rush to have the repaired when damaged just as you would rush a member of the family to the hospital. While it can be difficult to say whether or not pet robots can truly replace actuals pets here are some amazing benefits that they have:

Robotic Pets Create Less Responsibilities

The greatest and most obvious advantage of owning a robotic pet is the fact that they require no continuous upkeep, such as feeding and cleaning up after them. Also, there is no need to constantly watch them! All you need is to recharge the pet or change its batteries, other than that there is no major maintenance upkeep. You don’t have to feed it, no fear of vomiting, defecating or urinating on your furniture. No more baths or brushing your pet’s teeth! Cleaning a robot is as simple as rubbing a damp cloth over it when it gets dirty.

They Don’t Have Mood Swings Or Act Up

Though live pets can be loving, sweet and fun  they are sometimes scolded for doing things that their owners frown upon. Live pets, especially if untrained will chew up slippers, toys and other furniture or property. They may also accidentally bite who feed them in an attempt to play! All these problems go away with robotic pets and there will be no loud chirping, meows or barking when you need your rest.

Robotic Pets Cost Less In The Long Run

Yes I know you may cringe at some of the prices of robotic pets but when you factor in costs from training, feeding and maintaining live pets you will see that you do save more in the long run.

They Are Super Convenient

Some studies show that robotic pets are just as effective in preventing loneliness and adding to the emotional wellbeing of their owners like live pets. The most convenient thing is that owners have full control over their pets and can initiate play time and attention.

Robotic Pets Do Things That Living Pets Can’t

Getting live pets to do tricks, obey commands and stop unwanted behavior can take a lot of time, energy and patience while robotic pets are preprogrammed. Some advanced robots can even be trained by their owners. A robotic pet can be programmed to speak, sing or dance.

It may be an odd thought to accept but some scientists anticipate that robotic pets could replace even ‘man’s best friend’ in a decade.

Taken from the February issue of Geek Parenting, out now!

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