Father’s Day Gifts For The Geek Dad

Sunday, June 18th is Father’s Day in both the UK and USA this year and that is a cue to show how much you appreciate them by buying them something really, really geeky!  When we think of those two terms together – geeky and dad – it’s natural to think of something high technology, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case and there are plenty of weird gifts out there what any geek dad would be proud off, and many don’t need an electricity supply to run them, like;

Beard Aprons.  Beards are great, aren’t they? Dads like nothing more than to stroke their beard wistfully, usually while tell everyone how great things were in their day.  But beards need trimming in line with the current Men’s-Magazine fashion, and that can lead to hair everywhere.  Luckily, products like the Beard Buddy shaving apron is designed to catch those icky bits of trimming for throwing away or even possibly weaving into a vest.  Other beard trimming aprons are available too.

Blue Screen of Death Tee Shirt. Take him back to his youth with a tee shirt depicting the eponymous and frustrating Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) that graced the end of so many work sessions on older versions of Microsoft Windows.  Signalling a complete system crash, this critical failure was the precursor to a long system reboot and the tea break that went with it.  Available in blue.

Motorized Grill Brush with Steam Cleaning Power.  Okay, so this one does require power but only four C-sized batteries, and for that you get enough power to clean the dirtiest BBQ grill.  Using a combination of rotating steel brush heads and steam, Dad can banish grease and grime from his most beloved of cooking equipment with its powerful brush.

Waterproof Wi-Fi Speaker.  Dads like to sing in the shower – something that you may have noticed -but usually struggle to attain the same pitch as Taylor Swift or AC/DC because they are doing it from memory.  If they just had something to sing along to, then they would have more chance of getting both the words and the musical inflection right.  Then welcome the Wonderboom Phantom Wi-Fi speaker which has serious sound and is completely waterproof too.  Hook it in the shower and let Dad croon to his heart’s content – that’s what Dad’s day is all about!

Star Wars BBQ Tongs.  Don’t even ask yourself why such things would exist and just go with it.  These metal tongs with heatproof metal handles make lightsaber noises and come with a nifty red protective sheath to increase the lightsaber feel. As if Dad’s weren’t embarrassing enough anyway, they can now liven up the BBQ with sounds and lightshows.

Star Wars Bedding.  Let Dad re-experience the thrill of Star Wars every night as he slides between sheets and Duvet covers depicting a scene from the film, and demonstrate the superior power of the Empire with matching pillow cases.  Available in a range of standard sizes, your mum is going to really thank you for getting these.

Taken from the June 2017 issue of Geek Parenting, out now!

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