How To Choose Your Child’s First School

How To Choose Your Child’s First School

Parenting is a tough job; and it does not get easier by day. This is especially true for parents who are just starting to raise children and build families.

One of the most crucial decisions any parents need to make is a child’s education. This decision will play an important role in the continuous formation of a kid. After all, the school is considered as a child’s second home since he or she will be spending most of his or her time here.

It is normal for parents to be worried and cautious when making this decision. Nonetheless, it would not be too tough of a call to make if a parent takes it one step at a time and considers all factors one by one.

Common Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right School for Your Child:


Of course, the first consideration that comes into a parent’s mind when choosing the perfect school that will mold his or her child is its accessibility. More often than not, a parent would want to send his or her kid to a school with the closest proximity to where they live. This is highly cost-efficient since transportation would not be a problem.

However, a parent must not close his or her doors to the many other options available. Some schools nearby may not actually have the best quality of education that a child needs, which means that a parent has to look further.


One of the biggest questions a parent asks is, “public school or private school?”

It is equally important for a parent to consider the lifestyle and upbringing he or she wants his or her kid to grow up with and to. This is where religious beliefs, scholastic standards, values education, and other preferences come in.

As aforementioned, a school is a child’s second home. Consequently, understanding an institution’s vision-mission statement, and whether this is thoroughly being carried out through its programs and curricula is a parent’s job.

Educational Technology

Living in the 21st century, young children have become smarter and smarter. Most toddlers nowadays know how to use tablets as their main source of entertainment. For this reason, most schools have adapted new curricula to provide an optimized and integral academic environment for children.

All these being said, a parent must now be wise enough to consider a school that offers compelling educational technology. Not only does it end in offering but a school must be able to carry out these said applications seamlessly. It is important for these next-generation learning tools to be maximized since parents will be paying relatively more to schools that provide state-of-the-art educational technology.


Primary education is vital. It represents a child’s formative years, which means that it has a “make or break” effect on a child’s growth throughout his or her life.

With these considerations in mind, there is no need for a parent to feel pressured by the mere thought of how crucial this decision is. At the end of the day, it is still his or her job to make sure that his or her children get the love and support they need regardless of where they study.


Taken from the June 2017 issue of Geek Parenting, out now!

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