Books for July

By Sam Tydeman

This month we have a real variety of books to share with you. We have beautiful and classical styled board books for the smallest readers, a story of a super dad, a rabbit who needs to save his family, and a half vampire, half fairy who thinks that is wise to try and take a dragon to school!

The Storm Whale (Preschool)

Your children are never too young to enjoy a good book, something that Board Book The Storm Whale shows. This delightfully illustrated book tells the story of Noi and his father, who live by the sea. Noi’s father works as a fisherman, and often Noi is alone with only the cats for company. Needless to say, when he finds a baby whale washed up all alone on the beach after a storm, Noi decides to take care of it, at home. He tries to keep the whale a secret, but rather unsurprisingly it isn’t long before the whale is discover and Noi has to face sending it back into the sea! A lovely story that teaches how awesome a gift friendship can be.

The Five Realms: The Legend of Podkin One-Ear (9-12 years)

An award winner, this particular book has won not only the Best Story Blue Peter Book Award of 2017 but has also been crowned Waterstone’s Children’s book of the Month for June 2017. Aimed at slightly older readers, this fantasy tale is absolutely packed full of adventure, as well as some magical illustrations too. It tells the story of Podkin, a rabbit, who is the son of a warrior chieftain. Podkin knows that one day he will be the one who has to protect against danger, but he definitely isn’t ready to face that just yet. However, fate throws a spanner in the worms, in the form of the Gorm, who are on the rampage, putting Podkin and his family at danger.

Isadora Moon Gets in Trouble (5-8 years) 

A popular series, Isadora Moon includes many adventures of a half vampire, half fairy, who is proud to be 100% unique. In this particular story, Isadora is more than just a little excited that her cousin Mirabelle is coming to stay. Mirabelle is a witch and being older than Isadora, she can always think of fun things for the both of them to do. However, one idea may not be quite as good as usual, when Mirabelle suggests taking a dragon to school for “bring your pet to school day” leaving Isadora Moon in quite a bit of trouble.

Daddy Long Legs (Younger Readers)

The worst thing ever happens to Matty and his dad, the car isn’t working properly. They manage to get Matty to nursery, but then Matty worries that dad won’t be able to make it to pick him up later on. To put his mind at rest, dad thinks of all the different ways that he could get Matty home, even taking to his extra-long legs to get to nursery and them both back home again. This book has a real retro feel, and is ideal for dads to read to their little ones of a night-time.

So, whether you are looking for a tale of friendship, bravery, dragon struggles or a dad with super long legs, you are sure to find the ideal kids book to share with your little readers!

Taken from the July 2017 issue of Geek Parenting, out now!

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