Can Technology Help Your Baby Sleep Better?

By Zunammie Keren

Most parents know that there is some kind of sick joke in the universe where babies love nothing more for you to put them to sleep and then just start screaming the house down just as you manage to drop off to sleep. But is there some way that technology can help the baby get a good night’s sleep… which in turn would allow us to get a good night’s sleep? That is the question for today.

There Is No Robot Nanny

Remember The Jetsons? They had that awesome robot nanny that basically raised the kids. Well, I actually looked and I am sorry to tell you that there is no robot nanny that can go and feed to sooth the baby when they are going crazy and you want to sleep. Maybe one day technology will be there, but for now, we have to just drag our butts out of bed and take care of business ourselves.

Nanny Cam

Ok so I know that the nanny cam will not actually help your baby sleep, but it can help take a load off your mind, by giving you an easy way to check in on the baby. Actually, it also makes it less likely you are going to wake the baby when you go in their room to check on them. If you can see the via the nanny cam, you do not run the risk of slamming their door, tripping over a toy or just making any kind of noise that will make them wake up.

Using The Right Nightlight

If there is one piece of “technology” that most us put in our babies room it is a nightlight. We had this Winnie The Pooh one which would sing, light up and show images on the ceiling… it was a nightmare. In theory, it was great and it was super cute. But it was like our baby had their own private rock concert happening. No way are they going to sleep. Not only that, but studies have shown that many baby nightlights are the wrong kind of light. Many use white and blue and this is bad for sleeping. You can get nightlights that are designed to help a baby sleep and these are usually red. They are more soothing and do not disturb sleep the way a traditional, more cutesy nightlight will.

Make Some Noise!!!!

Hey, I am not saying that at bedtime, you need to blast into the babies room and start rapping. But having some kind of white noise while they are sleeping is a great way to help them fall asleep. I can give this method two thumbs up and say that it really works. You can get an actual white noise machine (some are specially made for babies) or you can go low class like I did and use a fan (not aimed at the baby) and just turn it on to the lowest setting. Having something like this in the babies room not only helps them sleep. It drowns out the noise from the rest of the house as well. Which is great as you more often than not feel like you have to move around the house like a ninja when the baby is asleep.

Treat Bedtime Like An Epic Quest

You cannot just place your baby in the crib and expect them to sleep. All babies crave routine and another word for routine is quest… ok so not really, but hear me out. Your bedtime routine can make all the difference between them sleeping through the night or not. Start with the first part of your quest, a nice long bath, followed by a relaxing baby massage. For the next part of your quest, you need to brave the might of the stairs and take the baby to their room! From there it is time for feeding, cuddles and story time. Them you gently lay them in the bed, just like Indiana Jones would lay something down on a trap! You then turn on the white noise machine, say your goodnights and gently leave the room, your quest complete and hopefully the baby will drift off to sleep. You keep on doing the same routine at bedtime and your baby will eventually learn that first of all, this process means sleep and secondly, nothing can stop mom and dad when they are on a quest!

Image: The Infantino Bedtime Lamp is a nightlight and a bluetooth speaker. You can record yourself telling a story and it will play it for your little one to doze off too- for times when you can’t be there yourself.

Taken from the August 2017 issue of Geek Parenting, out now!

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