How To Make Sure Their Tablet Is Ready For A Long Journey

By Zunammie Keren

Hey guys, as a parent I know how hard it can be when you have to take a long journey with the kids. Thankfully, kids these days have it a little easier thanks to the amount of tech they have to play with. One of the best things that they can have to keep them occupied and from fighting with each other and driving you and your partner crazy is a tablet. But making sure their tablet or iPad is ready for a long journey is something you need to take responsibility for and today I have some tips for making sure their device is ready.

Charge And Hide

What do I mean by charge and hide? Well, the night before you go on your journey you need to make sure their tablet or iPad is fully charged. But to do so you need to make sure that they know they cannot play on it until the journey starts. Yes, this can be brutal, but I find if you just straight up tell them that they cannot have their device until the journey starts and it is because it needs to be fully charged they are ok with it. Oh, for the love of god, please do not forget to pack their chargers! To get the most out of a charge, you can do things like lower the brightness of the screen and make sure the kids know to fully shut down one app before firing up another.

Plenty Of Apps

Your kid will no doubt have a load of apps on their device already and that is cool. But make sure you download some new ones. This is a great surprise, especially if it is an app that costs a couple of bucks which you have told them they could not have before. This is a great way to keep them busy and make them excited to play on their device while you keep your sanity from the lack of fighting and nagging.

Apps That Are Wi-Fi Free!

I cannot stress this one enough. My kids love a game called Roblox, but you need to be connected to the internet to play it. Make sure that there are apps on their device which can be played without the need to be connected to an online server. I know for a fact that on the IOS store there is a section dedicated to apps that can be played offline. Make sure you have a few apps downloaded from here.

Download Movies

I am pretty sure that your kids like mine have a ton of different movies. Well, many kids movies these days, especially Disney ones. Come with a code that allows you to download a digital version of the movie to a tablet or iPhone. If you have an Android device then you can whack as many videos and movies as you like by simply downloading them. Also Netflix these days do allow you to download certain shows to a device which you can then watch without the need for an internet connection so be sure to have a look into that.


Getting them accessories like a stand or some kind of protective case is great, but there is one accessory that is a must when on a journey and that is headphones. You can pick up headphones for as little as a buck these days so grab a few pairs to have a couple of spares. Headphones mean that you do not have to listen to all the beeps and boops of their games or the movies they are watching. Plus if you have more than one kid there is less chance of them fighting if they are in their own little world in the back of the car of while on the plane. Also, headphones can help make the battery of their device last longer as they do not require as much juice as the internal speaker.

Taken from the July 2017 issue of Geek Parenting, out now!

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