Books For September

By Sam Tydeman

There is a distinctly adventurous feel to this month’s book recommendations. Particularly those of the jungle variety. Whether it is a bright and colourful look at the animals that call the jungle their home, an experts insight into an adventure, or perhaps a child who has to learn how to be an explorer in order to survive. These books are exiting and interesting and are great fun to read too.

The Explorer (Ages 8-12)

Does your child fancy themselves as a bit of an adventurer or explorer? If they do, then this all adventure book might be the ideal purchase for them. It tells the tale of Fred who finds himself involved in a plane crash in the Amazon jungle. After spending so long dreaming of being a world famous explorer, it seems that he now has the opportunity to make these dreams become a reality. It is down to him to not only stay alive himself, but also keep the three other children alive too. Despite the unfriendly and untamed nature of the amazing jungle.

Usborne Pop-Up Jungle (Preschool)

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned pop-up book? Kids definitely do. Kids also love nothing more than bright and colourful animals that are cute and cuddly. This pop-up book takes you both into the undergrowth of the jungle, where you will find a variety of amazing animals in all their 3D glory! It is not only great fun but it is a fantastic way to learn more about the animals that you find in the jungle.

Bear Grylls Adventures-The Jungle Challenge (Ages 5-8)

When it comes to an exciting adventure, there is no-one who has had more than Bear Grylls. Now not only known as an explorer, but an author too, Bear has written a range of kids adventure books. This particular series is dedicated to the younger reader and takes them into a whole host of different worlds and landscapes to learn more about the perils that you can find yourself in. As well as how, if you work together then you will find a way to get out.

Knowledge Encyclopedia Animal! (Non Fiction)

Does your little one love animals, whether they live in the Jungle or not? If they do, then they might just adore this amazing Non-Fiction book. Featuring a whole host of facts on creatures across the world, you can not only learn more about the animals themselves, but also learn more about their habitat and what they do to survive. The book comes as a hardback and is packed full of amazing colour pictures that will really bring their imagination to life!

So, do you like the idea of exploring the jungle and finding out more about the amazing animals that call it their home? Don’t hop on a plane, instead, grab a book with your little explorer and see what you find when you lose yourself in a fascinating story.

Taken from the September 2017 issue of Geek Parenting, out now!

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