App of the Month: Math v Zombies 2

TapToLearn Software,

iOS/android, 4+,


Numbers Are The Ultimate Survival Tool!  

What better way to bring education and halloween together than a game that has you battling zombies with the power of math! Following on from the first Math v Zombie it has the same gameplay, although with the addition of a few new modes for extra play time. For those who haven’t played the original, the game works by having one or two zombies slowly walk towards with a math problem attached to them. When you enter in the right answer via the number pad, you zap the zombies back into normal kids.

It is not a scary game as the developers have taken the zombie theme into a fun, cartoonish world so parents do not have to worry about this aspect. There are addition, subtraction, multiply and divide modes, each with novel names like ‘The Addition Of Evil’ and ‘Divided We Fall’ which we rather enjoyed. There are three levels of difficulty (easy, medium and hard), so the app works well across different age groups. Each of these difficulties culminate in a ‘boss battle’ which consists of two mega zombies, each with four math problems to solve at the same time.

In addition (ahem) to these modes there’s also ‘Zombie Count Down’, where you have to count the right box to what number the zombie says, ‘Greater Or Lesser’, where you compare two amounts. Finally there’s ‘Plus Or Minus’, which looks like a game of Snakes (Zombies) and Ladders where you need to add or subtract the right amount to lead the zombie to all the candy and eventually the exit.

There’s a neat feature that allows you to reverse the input of the numbers, useful for the harder problems such as ‘359+325’ if you prefer to work right to left. It’s an easy game to get into and stay into with 84 levels across the 7 different modes.


Ever wanted to see your kids addicted to playing a game about doing math? Then this is worth every penny!


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