Top 5 Tips for Moving Your Family To Another Country 

Any move overseas can be extremely challenging, however when you have to uproot your children and take them to a different country with you, it can be a very testing time. Making sure your little ones are well prepared for the move is essential for getting the relocation off to the right start, and there are several reactions you may receive from your kids when you tell them about the move. While some children may be incredibly excited about the possibilities, others will be reluctant to leave their friends, their school and the life they have known behind. Making sure that your children are in the right frame of mind before arriving in their new country is key to a positive moving experience. Here are some top tips to help you to prepare your youngsters and make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

  1. Answering Questions

It’s only natural that your child will have a host of questions that they need answered, and you must remain patient when you deal with these queries. The key is reassurance – be sure that you explain that your move will be a fun and happy experience and that they will make plenty of new friends. Answer their questions truthfully, but positively, as this will help them to build up a picture of what to expect so that they will be neither disappointed nor shocked. Older children are likely to have more serious questions and these must be addressed in an appropriate manner so that they don’t feel that they are being fobbed off.

  1. Involving Children In Decisions

When making decisions about the move, make sure that you involve your children in some elements of the process. For example, asking children their opinion about the décor for their new bedroom, or showing them prospectuses for potential schools will make them feel like the move is about them too, and not just about the adults in the family.

  1. Making It Easier To Leave

It’s only natural that children will find it hard to leave their friends, their school and the home that they are familiar with. If children have grown up in one neighborhood for their whole life, they are likely to be reluctant to make the move. Smoothing the process is very important for everyone’s happiness and well-being, so offering to throw your children a party before they leave to say goodbye to their friends, ensuring that they have their friends’ email addresses and enrolling them in an instant messenger program so that they can still chat, no matter where they are in the world, are all good ways of facilitating your move.

  1. Preparing For Change

Encouraging your children to find out more about the country that they will be moving to will give them a good grounding and preparation for their new life abroad. Showing them websites of interesting things to see and do in their new town or city will get them excited about the possibilities and also give them something to look forward to.

  1. Enrolling In A School

One essential element of a move overseas is enrolling your children in a school. This can be a task that is fraught with worry, so trying to choose an educational establishment which follows the same curriculum that they are used to will help to ease the transition. If possible, moving at the end of the school year will mean that their arrival will not be as noticeable and they will not need to catch up with any missed work. You may want to choose an international school with many children who are in the same situation, or alternatively you may want to choose a local school. If you will be choosing a school where lessons will be in a foreign language, helping your child to learn some key phrases will make it much easier for them to understand what is happening before the move.

However old your children are, educating them about their new country is the best way to prepare them for their new and exciting life. By familiarizing them with their new environment, language and culture, you have the best possible chance of a positive and happy move overseas.

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