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As parents, we know that reading with our children is incredibly important. Not only does it improve their reading skills, but it also a great time to bond and come together. The only trouble is finding the right books to read. Children’s books come in all shapes and sizes which means it can be tricky to choose.

So, as always, we have put together our list of book recommendations for the little readers in our lives.

The Explorer

Katherine Rundell (Ages 9-11)

It seems that more and more children are getting into adventure books. With the ability to transport them far flung places and have amazing adventures, there is no surprise that these books are popular. One of the newest ones on the block as well as the winner of a Costa Book Award 2017, is The Explorer. This story features Fred, who finds himself stranded in the Amazon Jungle after his little plane crashes. In charge of himself and 3 other children, Fred and his new friends need to not only get through the wild jungle, but also make sure that everyone is safe.


Cecelia Ahern (Teen)

Cecelia Ahern is known as a popular author in the adult fiction world and with her second Young Adult book she seems to have been successful in branching out. A follow on from her Flawed, Perfect is a story that follows Celestine North. Celestine North lives in a society that demands perfection. During the first book, she was found to be flawed by Judge Craven which has not only branded her a danger to the public but also completely fractured her life as a whole. Celestine decides to go on the run, holding close a secret that could bring the entire Flawed system to a complete standstill. However, will Celestine choose to save herself, or risk her life to save everyone else who has been deemed Flawed like her?

Bad Mermaids

Sibeal Pounder (Ages 5-8)

Who doesn’t love a Mermaid tale? Bad Mermaids is a great story all about Beattie, Mimi and Zelda, who are lucky enough to ditch their tails for the summer and instead live a life on legs. Unfortunately, just as they are enjoying their time, they receive a Crabagram which tells them that they need to return to the sea. There are some Bad Mermaids on the loose and there is no-one else who can stop them. Thankfully, these girls are ready to take on the challenge, armed with a talking seahorse, a clam car and some piranha print nail polish, everything that a mermaid girl could need to beat the bad guys, or should that be girls?

The Ugly Five

Julia Donaldson (Preschool)

If you are a parent, then chances are that you will have read a Julia Donaldson book. With so many to choose from, many homes have at least one or two of her books in their collection. One of the newest ones that you can buy is The Ugly Five. The top-five ugly animals in Africa are heard to be singing across the savannah. What are they signing about? Well, they are celebrating just how ugly they and their babies are, although to them, they are just perfect the way they are.

So, whether you are looking to enjoy a good versus evil story, an adventure book that will take you into the heart of the jungle, or two stories of how the flawed could actually be their own form of perfect, these are the books for you!

By Sam Tydeman

Taken from the February 2018 issue of Geek Parenting, out now!

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