Our March Animation Recommendations

Oriental adventures are the name of the game this month, with some full on action animation and slapstick humor Korean style. There’s something for everyone when you throw in a little martial arts madness and mystical magic! Round up your geeks in training and treat them to Jackie Chan, the monks of Xiaolin, and Pucca!

Jackie Chan Adventures (2000-2005)

Back in 2000s, our favourite family friendly martial arts hero was given an animated makeover, and the resulting series was actually pretty darn good. Voiced by the man himself, Jackie Chan adventures follows Jackie and his family (crotchety but wise Uncle and kick-ass niece) as they try to stop The Dark Hand from releasing ultimate evil on the earth. Pretty standard really!

There’s magical talisman, mystical spirit guides, believable bad guys, and some excellent martial arts action – it’s one of those animated series’ that has a fantastic on-going storyline that may lead to binge watching, so you have been warned! All in all, I love this series, and it was a major hit with my family. And watch out for Jackie’s niece, Jade – she’s small, but an absolute hurricane in a bottle, and adds a nice twist to what might otherwise have been a cartoon that only appealed to boys! Watch it now on DVD!

Xiaolin Showdown (2003-2006)

Xiaolin Showdown is a firm favourite in my house, and definitely deserves some binge watching. This fantastic animated series follows the action packed and often hilarious exploits of Omi (a small Xiaolin monk with a huge yellow head), and his fellow students on their quest to collect the mystical Sheng Gong Wu artefacts.

Of course Omi and gang aren’t the only ones after the powerful items, evil doer Jack Spicer is also on their trail, and thus ensues some high octane martial arts fun. What I love about this cartoon, is how it never skimps on humour, and honestly it’s just as appealing to adults as it is to kids – at least in my experience!

Bags of action, strong storylines, captivating characters, wise cracking dragons, and a sterling cast of veteran voice actors including Tom Kenny and Tara Strong – what more could you want? Watch it now on DVD!

Pucca (2006-2008)

I’m rounding off with Pucca. Why? It’s fun, it’s madcap, it’s adventurous, and she’s just so darn cute! Rosy cheeked Pucca is the love struck delivery girl for Go-Rong noodle shop, Garu is her ninja boy crush, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg!

What I love about Pucca is whilst it has no coherent dialogue – Pucca and Garu communicate through a series of giggles and random sounds – it doesn’t detract at all from this inventive and enchanting animation at all, if anything it enriches it.

There’s plenty of musical interludes, and somehow the characters manage to seem even more in depth because of their lack of speech. This is a wildly entertaining cartoon packed full of colourful characters and fun filled storylines, and you can check it out on DVD!

By Sunday Simmons

Taken from the March 2018 issue of Geek Parenting, out now!

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