Get Your Child To Make Media Of Their Own Instead Of Just Watching It 

On an average day, you can guarantee that your kids will have checked out their favorite YouTubers online, caught up on the latest TV shows, scrolled through their social media contacts, listened to some tunes and played a video game before it’s time for bed. Overall, they could be best described as passive consumers of content, and while there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, they could be enjoying themselves a lot more (and getting a lot more benefits out of their time) by creating their own media.

Kids always enjoy expressing themselves, however they can struggle to find their own unique voice. Yet by offering them the correct tools and a little support, they can harness their creative skills to share their ideas, opinions and stories. Today’s modern technology gives your children more opportunities than ever before to make their own visions come to life, and whether it’s music, video or gaming that gets them excited, there is a medium that they can use.

Creating Their Own Videos 

Although all kids love watching movies and TV, most have never tried getting in on the act themselves. Yet making their own videos is a wonderful way to get creative and to learn valuable skills. Stop motion animation apps, for example, let kids create their own mini-movies, while there are many other tools which allow children to edit, record and share videos that they have produced themselves on a smartphone, tablet or other device. Your younger kids will love Toontastic 3D and Lipa Theater: Story Maker, while older ones will get a lot out of Magisto or VidMaker – 3D Moviemaker For Kids.

Making Music Of Their Own 

Most children love exploring music, and even the youngest kids enjoy banging a wooden spoon on a pan to make their own drum. However as they get a little older, they can create music of their own in a more technologically advanced way thanks to apps which enable them to play with sounds. Duckie Deck Homemade Orchestra is a wonderful music tool for young children which teaches about instruments and the way in which sounds can be combined to create music, while older ones will be able to use a variety of tools to practice instruments and compose their own tunes. Teens and tweens who are ready to lay down tracks of their own can also use modern technology to record and edit their own songs.

Coding To Gaming 

While many adults are intimidated by the prospect of learning about coding, many children take it all in their stride. There are countless fun apps which teach the basics of programming in an interactive way that means it doesn’t feel too much like being at school. Even the youngest children can begin to learn about coding, and will learn key concepts such as planning ahead, cause and effect and using individual steps to create a final product. Coding tools like TinyTap for younger children or Hopscotch for older ones will allow them to get to grips with the principles behind creating their own games.

Even if your children don’t think they are very creative, they can often entertain themselves for hours with technology that is harnessing their creative side without them even realizing it. Fun creative tools such as Blox 3D World Creator for young children, or Minecraft for older ones enable youngsters to express themselves in a creative way while doing what they love – interacting with innovation. The best thing is, they’ll be learning without even realizing that it’s happening!

By Zunammie Keren

Taken from the March 2018 issue of Geek Parenting, out now!

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