Books for June

Another month and another assortment of amazing books for you to add to your child’s bedtime collection. Reading is a key part of the development of your child, not only improving their own reading skills but also their use and understanding of language and their imagination too.

The only thing is, deciding on what to read can be hard going, particularly with so many great kids books out there to choose from. This is where we can help, every month we cover a variety of kids books to help give you inspiration on what you could both read together next, or what you could recommend for your child to tackle alone. 

So, what are the books for this month?

The House With Chicken Legs

By Sophie Anderson

(Older Readers)

The author of this particular book states that she has based it on a Slavic fairy tale that she was told by her grandmother as she was growing up, which means that it comes as no surprise that the overall feel of this book is one of fairy tale, with a touch of folk. It tells the story of Marinka, who has to get to grips with her house being able to move around wherever it pleases, on account of its chicken legs. This may sound fun, but in actual fact the backdrop of this book is that a fearsome lady Baba Yaga governs the world where Marinka lives, and so feared is she that some of the locals even believe that she is a witch. Worse still, this woman is Marinka’s grandmother, one whose footsteps she does not want to follow in. 

There’s A Dragon In Your Book

By Tom Fletcher


Now we know that Tom Fletcher has appeared on our lists before, but if he carries on writing such amazing books, then we have no choice but to continue including him. His latest offering is designed for the younger readers out there and is focused on dragons, cute tiny ones at that. The pages are not only packed full of bright colours, but in order to follow the story of the dragon hatchling who might just burn your book down, your little dragon can stroke, poke and flap the interactive parts of the book, bringing everything to life. 

Roses Dress of Dreams: Little Gem

By Katherine Woodfine

(For Ages 5+)

We all know that history isn’t always the most interesting of subjects for kids to learn about, but really, much like most things, the art of gaining their interest is to teach it to them in the right way. This particular story takes a look at the life of Rose Bertin, a Parisian woman who in her time is thought to have created haute-couture. Ideal for the little fashionistas in the family, it brings the story to life in a way that will capture the attention of most. 

So, whether you are a girl who dares to go against the grain, a baby dragon who is trying to not start a fire or even a woman who is destined to change the world of fashion, one thing is for sure, reading a book with your child at bedtime is something that every single one of us parents should be making time to do. After all, before you know it they will be reading alone and you will miss those times you had together. 

By Sam Tydeman

Taken from the June 2018 issue of Geek Parenting, out now!

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