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We have a distinctly fantasy and science fiction feel to this months book content. The great thing about reading these particular genres with your children, or encouraging them to read them is that they can escape. They can travel to mystical lands that they might not even have imagined of. Fantasy and Science Fiction books are great to encourage your children to use their imagination and so with this in mind, we have put together some of the best books out there at the moment. 


Eve of Man 

Giovanna and Tom Fletcher

(For Young Adult)

Giovanni and Tom Fletcher are a married couple that seem to have it all. Not only are they happily married to one another with beautiful children, but they are also fantastic authors in their own right. It was only a matter of time before they decided to come together and create a book that they co-authored, however, it might be a little surprising what they have come up with. A book written for young adults, it tells the story of Eve, the first girl born in fifty years. Eve is kept away from the males for all her life, however, at sixteen it is time for her to decide from three potential males that have been selected for her. Whilst she is ready to face her fate and her future, she then meets someone who is going to change it all for her. 


Peppa’s Magical Unicorn

(For Preschool)

Of course, when you think of science fiction and fantasy you are going to think of older readers, but there is nothing to say that the younger ones can’t get in on the action too. This particular book comes from the world famous Peppa Pig universe and allows even the smallest fantasy fans to lose themselves in a world of magic and mystery. All by following a somewhat cheeky little piggy as she discovers just how powerful her imagination can be. 


The Unicorn Quest

By Kamilla Benko

(For Ages 9+) 

Who doesn’t love a story that centres around someone entering a magical world, which is just ready and waiting for them to explore? Well, if you are a fan of quests and plenty of fantasy, then this is definitely a book that you need to give a go. It tells the story and her older sister Sophie, as they climb a ladder in a fireplace, entering a magical world called Arden. A world that is in a spot of trouble and needs help, the girls head home, scared by what they find, only for Sophie to vanish in the night, meaning that if Claire wants to see her again, that she is going to have to brave climbing that ladder all over again. 


The Boy Who Grew Dragons

By Andy Shepherd

(For Ages 5 to 8) 

You have to admit it, there is something pretty amazing about dragons. So, it makes sense that a book all about dragons is going to be a hit. This particular tale is warm and full of heart, a story about Tomas who discovers a strange looking tree in his Grandad’s garden, which has some equally funny fruit growing from it. After taking the fruit back to his house he realises that it is more than just a normal fruit, when a baby dragon hatches out of it. Whilst Tomas is excited to have his own dragon, he soon realises that it might not be exactly what he hopes it will be. Especially when more and more of these magical fruits start to grow. 

Unicorns, magical lands, mystery and more than just a touch of drama. These books are absolutely ideal if your child (or you for that matter) loves nothing more than being able to get away to a truly special place. 


By Sam Tydeman

Taken from the July 2018 issue of Geek Parenting, out now!

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