Kids App Spotlight: DragonBox Algebra 5+

WeWantToKnow AS, iOS/android, 7+, $4.99

Easy peezy algebra?

For a lot of people, there mere mention of algebra sends a cold sweat down their spine. But can it really be taught in a way that is, dare-we-say, enjoyable? This app certainly tries to give it a go. What it does it is introduce algebraic concepts through the form of little cards with cute and funny dragon characters on it. 

By substituting numbers, x and y, it tricks kids into playing a game when actually they are figuring out the fundamental basics of algebra. The goal is generally to isolate the sparkling box (i.e ‘solve for x’) by moving the cards around the two trays. 

What this does very well is it completely disguises solving equations into puzzle games. The first few levels don’t really need much in terms of arithmetic but the later levels will. Eventually the cards do get replaced by numbers but by then your kid should be an algebraic whizz! 


One of the best algebra apps out there. 


Download here

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