Should Your Kid Be Blogging? Three Reasons Why It Should Be Encouraged

As a parent, encouraging your child’s creativity is often paramount, especially if you think your child has a talent for imagination or writing. However, regardless of their skills and abilities, writing their own kid blog could be the ideal way to foster an interest in the digital world and to encourage your child to engage with technology at an early age.

Blogging is a wonderful and rewarding experience for your child (and, indeed, you too), whatever their age. Even better, it’s a fun yet educational experience with a far-reaching impact which can reach into the classroom in terms of improved literacy and IT skills.

Doesn’t Blogging Mean Public Exposure?
Although most people believe that a blog will automatically be out there for everyone in the world to see, in fact that isn’t always the case. You can actually set up a blog to only be visible to a private audience, and therefore nobody will be able to see your child’s digital journal unless you or your child choose to share it with them. This means that your kid can enjoy all the benefits of blogging but without any of the worries of potentially upsetting encounters with the public.

1.Learning New Things 

Setting up your child’s blog together means learning new things as a family. You can set up a platform together and learn about how it works, how to post and how to behave appropriately in the online world while still having a lot of fun together. Also, of course, by having a better understanding of the way in which a blog works you can be confident that your child’s best interests will always be at the forefront. Thanks to the power of today’s digital technology, your child’s writing can move forward in leaps and bounds, promoting new grammar and spelling skills. Also, as your child has access to the latest technology to further their personal project they can learn more about the technical elements that come along with it. By developing common basic technology skills and discovering new and positive ways of using that technology, they will be learning skills which will set them ahead of the crowd. 

2.A Bonding Experience

Building a kid blog with your child can be a wonderful bonding experience in the first place, and then as you watch it evolve together, you can continue to reap the rewards as a family. You can be confident that your child will appreciate your help in supporting their creativity, and it could be the perfect way to raise your “coolness” in the eyes of your child!

3.A Self-Esteem Boost

What could be more important than increasing your child’s self-esteem? With more children than ever before suffering from poor self-confidence, finding ways to raise your child up and to make them feel good about themselves and their achievements is essential. Creating their own blog is a wonderful way to do this in a fun and interactive way. Your child will be proud of everything that they’ve managed to do in writing and creating their own online platform, and when they share their blog with the people who matter to them in their life, the praise that they receive for their accomplishment will make them feel positive about themselves.

As you can see, there are many excellent reasons to help your child to start up their own kid blog, so what are you waiting for? Find out more about the best platforms today and help launch your child into a new and rewarding digital world of discovery!

Taken from the July 2018 issue of Geek Parenting, out now!

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