Top Picks For Fun Websites That’ll Help Your Kids To Keep Learning Over The Summer Break

The summer vacation can seem to go on forever, and parents are often worried that their kids will forget everything they learned last year by the time that school starts again. It’s no wonder that they’re so concerned – research has shown that kids lose over 20% of the academic skills that they’ve learned over the summer, with kids who spend the vacation without practising their reading and math skills scoring lower on tests when they return to the classroom than they did before school broke up. That’s where some of the best websites aimed at kids come into play. Encourage your little ones to visit some of these unique learning resources and they’ll stay entertained while learning without realizing it.

DIY Summer Camps

Perfect for kids aged from 7 to 16, this summer online learning opportunity allows kids to earn themselves skills badges by joining in with different camps covering subjects as diverse as Lego building, movie making and cooking. DIY Summer Camps give kids of all ages the chance to try a host of exciting projects over a four week period and parents can track their progress the whole time.

Brain Chase Challenge

Aimed at children aged 6 to 16, the Brain Chase Challenge lasts for five weeks and starts as soon as school ends for the summer break. This cool interactive project involves kids competing in a real-world treasure hunt with the possibility of a $10,000 prize at the end. With just one hour of completed academic work per day, kids can unlock clues and animated videos, ensuring their educational skills stay up to scratch while they have fun into the bargain.

Virtual Tours

If you can’t afford to travel this summer, your kids can still benefit from all of the educational advantages that exploring the world can bring thanks to the wonder of the internet. With virtual tours, you can explore museums and world landmarks without every having to leave your home! Let your little ones discover the beauty of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel without setting foot in Rome or explore the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History without having to get off the sofa.


There’s no better time to learn a foreign language than the summer, especially if you’re going to be traveling. Wherever you’re heading on vacation, or even if you’re just staying at home, Duolingo gives children (and adults) of all ages the opportunity to learn a new language in a fun, easy and interactive way. There is an amazing array of languages to pick from, and all courses are completely free of charge, so whether your kids are interested in honing their Spanish skills or trying something a little more unusual like Swahili, they can have a go in the comfort of their own home.

Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge

It can be incredibly difficult to get your kids enthused about reading, however your 5 to 12 year old will love the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge which encourages them to get reading and logging their summer progress so that they can be in with a chance of winning virtual prizes. Running from May to September, this free challenge is fun and easy to sign up for. Hopefully, these helpful website suggestions have given you some great ideas about how to get your kids learning over the summer in an engaging, interactive and exciting way. They’re sure to enjoy themselves as they learn, and you’ll be happy in the knowledge that when they’re having screen time it’s for a productive purpose! 

Taken from the August 2018 issue of Geek Parenting, out now!

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