Why Your Child Should Do Chores

Chores make the house go round. While adults typically assume the bulk of chores around the house, there is often debate around whether kids should do chores. Some parents argue that children should enjoy their childhood and that means giving them plenty of play time as opposed to ‘’chore time’’. Others can get impatient with children’s typically less efficient ways of carrying out tasks and so prefer to do them themselves. However, assigning chores to your kids have plenty of benefits. Here are seven reasons  why you should let your kids do chores:

Life skills

Children spend a lot of time at school learning a syllabus and doing exams. However, they hardly ever learn vital life skills that they will need when they are adults. Doing the laundry, preparing meals, grocery shopping, cleaning, taking out the bin and all the other necessary household tasks are chores kids should master. They will help them to become well-functioning adults instead of adults who constantly have to call up their mom and dad to ask them how to do something, or worse expect that their spouse should be responsible for carrying out these activities because they never learnt to do them growing up.


Giving your kids chores will develop a sense of responsibility in them. They will learn to appreciate the value of hard work and its benefit to them personally, such as improved hygiene. When kids learn to take care of themselves like washing their clothes, making their beds and preparing their own breakfast, they develop a sense of independence which they often take pride in. Having responsibilities will make your kids feel capable and mature.


Doing chores encourages teamwork and team spirit. For families with more than one child, this is especially true as kids get to share in the household tasks and appreciate how each of them contributes to the overall maintenance of the house. This appreciation increases if they have parents that praise them for their hard work. Collaborative work is such an integral part of school and the working world, and if kids master that in the home, it will come naturally for them in these settings. 


Respect for self and others is vital. Chores are a means of cultivating self-respect in kids as they learn to take pride in their surroundings by cleaning up after making a mess and keeping their personal belongings clean. In extension, it makes them more considerate of others as they will learn to respect other people’s personal space and property. It will also engender helpfulness in kids as if kids are helpful around the house, when they go out into the wider society they will be more inclined to lend a helping hand, since it is already a part of who they are. Chores will also help kids respect the efforts of their parents as they will get first-hand experience of the work they have to put in to keep the house running smoothly.

Work ethic

You hear it all the time- that some people have a “get-rich-quick” mentality, without wanting to put in the hard work. Parents can prevent their children from developing this attitude by making them appreciate the value of doing hard work to achieve their goals. It starts with simple things like their wanting to wear a favorite pair of socks to gym class the next day when it’s dirty. The best way to ensure that they will have the socks to wear is to wash them! When kids grow up and have their career and personal goals, they will adopt the same attitude of doing what is necessary to achieve them.


Japanese schoolchildren take turns serving each other lunch meals and even clean toilets to teach them above all, the importance of respect for their environment and each other. This is something ingrained into Japanese culture, as seen at the World Cup with the multitude of Japanese supporters cleaning up after themselves with their blue bags.

Taken from the September 2018 issue of Geek Parenting, out now!

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