Mixing Video Games With A New Baby

By David Layzelle There’s nothing like your partner announcing that “we’re having a baby” to send a fella into medley of mixed emotions and thoughts; will it be a boy or girl? Should you sign it up for Harvard or will the local Comprehensive suffice?  Is green poop normal? Will it interfere with my completing […]

Can Technology Help Your Baby Sleep Better?

By Zunammie Keren Most parents know that there is some kind of sick joke in the universe where babies love nothing more for you to put them to sleep and then just start screaming the house down just as you manage to drop off to sleep. But is there some way that technology can help […]

Books for July

By Sam Tydeman This month we have a real variety of books to share with you. We have beautiful and classical styled board books for the smallest readers, a story of a super dad, a rabbit who needs to save his family, and a half vampire, half fairy who thinks that is wise to try […]

We’re All About Wellbeing And Mindfulness

These two words “mindfulness” and wellbeing” are cropping up more and more and in different places too.  The most common place now is with parents.  New parents, parents with toddlers, parents with teenagers, parents with boys, parents with girls.  You get the idea! We’re all now being asked to focus more on our wellbeing.  The […]

How To Make Sure Their Tablet Is Ready For A Long Journey

By Zunammie Keren Hey guys, as a parent I know how hard it can be when you have to take a long journey with the kids. Thankfully, kids these days have it a little easier thanks to the amount of tech they have to play with. One of the best things that they can have […]

How To Choose Your Child’s First School

How To Choose Your Child’s First School Parenting is a tough job; and it does not get easier by day. This is especially true for parents who are just starting to raise children and build families. One of the most crucial decisions any parents need to make is a child’s education. This decision will play […]

Father’s Day Gifts For The Geek Dad

Sunday, June 18th is Father’s Day in both the UK and USA this year and that is a cue to show how much you appreciate them by buying them something really, really geeky!  When we think of those two terms together – geeky and dad – it’s natural to think of something high technology, but […]

Driverless Cars: Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Step In The Road

Many online news sources are stating that fossil fuelled cars – petrol, diesel, and liquified natural gas (LNG) to you and me – will be off the road by as early as 2025, making way for battery-driven and electric cars. From that point, it can’t be too many years before the driver get taken out […]

Artificial Intelligence For The Self-Build Enthusiast

It didn’t take long.  With Alexa and Google devices now becoming an integral part of our lives, it was obvious that the means to create our own Artificial Intelligence (AI) buddies wouldn’t be too far away, and with a host of new websites available to hold your hand through the process, this is going to […]

Cartoons Predicting The Future? You Better Believe It!

By Sunday Simmons What do The Jetsons, The Simpsons, and Futurama have in common? Aside from having a huge fan base and a firm place in pop culture for many years to come, they all successfully predicted the future on more than one occasion. From the sixties retro/future kitsch of the space age Jetsons to […]