AI Knocks on the Door: When is real too real?

The really big news at the Google I/O developer conference was the latest news on the Google Duplex – the new, proposed assistant device – and how it’s going to impact our lives in the next few years. Google claim that Duplex will push the boundaries of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to levels that would perplex […]

Homework Strategies for A Digital Age

In an age where teens spend most of their time either playing video games or wasting time on their phones, it may be hard to get your teens to focus on getting their school work done.  Most parents today have a hard time getting their teens to sit down and focus their energy on their […]

Books For May

Another month and another list of great book recommendations for you and your little reader to enjoy together. Whether it is a superhero sibling, a story of guilt and secrets or perhaps someone who really loves cake. These are some top reads for you to enjoy together when it comes to story-time.  I Really Want […]

Top Five Alexa Gadgets and Accessories

It’s hard to believe that Amazon Alexa Virtual Assistant has only been in our homes for just three years, seeing as it and its rivals have become so entrenched.  Launched in November 2014 as part of the Echo Smart Speaker, Alexa was intended to be akin to the computer from the Star Trek original series […]

Feeling Intimidated by Your Gamer Teen? Here’s What You Should Do…

Video games are steadily making their way into everyone’s homes.  From the NES Classic Edition to Playstation 4, teens are spending most of their free time playing games online with their friends and people around the world.  While they are engaging with peers and others, teens seem to be shutting their parents out along the […]

Plastic Pollution: Bane of the Planet?

Plastics – the generic term for a range of around 70,000 different synthetic or semi-synthetic organic compounds based primarily on carbon and hydrogen atoms – were hailed as the wonder materials of the late 20th Century.   Waterproof and resilient, the key to the success of plastics is their resistance to water and natural decomposition, […]

MMORPG Challenge

Dads, when it comes to our generation, we tend to stick with what we know, rather than learning something new.   Whether its banks, shoes, curry dishes or video games, we tend to resist change.  Yeah, okay, other genres look enticing but we’re not really sure that its for us, and so we tend to […]

Books For April

Who doesn’t take a look up at the school from time to time and wonder exactly what is up there? This is particularly true for children, who have a natural level of curiosity about them. If you want to encourage your little one to dream about reaching for the stars, then why not encourage and […]

Kids’ Devices Running Flat Too Quickly?

Why You Need To Invest In Quality Batteries It seems like every device your kids have these days needs batteries, and every parent will recognize the familiar cry: “Mom, my toy car won’t work!” or “Dad, my controller battery’s flat again!” Most families have drawers full of batteries and live in fear of them running […]

A Guide To Teaching Your Kids Cell Phone Etiquette

Virtually every teen and tween these days has a cell phone, but with the privilege also comes responsibilities. If your child thinks that the world would come to an end if you took their phone away, (and most of them do) then they also need to have a good understanding of cell phone etiquette.  Whether […]