Plastic Pollution: Bane of the Planet?

Plastics – the generic term for a range of around 70,000 different synthetic or semi-synthetic organic compounds based primarily on carbon and hydrogen atoms – were hailed as the wonder materials of the late 20th Century.   Waterproof and resilient, the key to the success of plastics is their resistance to water and natural decomposition, […]

MMORPG Challenge

Dads, when it comes to our generation, we tend to stick with what we know, rather than learning something new.   Whether its banks, shoes, curry dishes or video games, we tend to resist change.  Yeah, okay, other genres look enticing but we’re not really sure that its for us, and so we tend to […]

Books For April

Who doesn’t take a look up at the school from time to time and wonder exactly what is up there? This is particularly true for children, who have a natural level of curiosity about them. If you want to encourage your little one to dream about reaching for the stars, then why not encourage and […]

Kids’ Devices Running Flat Too Quickly?

Why You Need To Invest In Quality Batteries It seems like every device your kids have these days needs batteries, and every parent will recognize the familiar cry: “Mom, my toy car won’t work!” or “Dad, my controller battery’s flat again!” Most families have drawers full of batteries and live in fear of them running […]

A Guide To Teaching Your Kids Cell Phone Etiquette

Virtually every teen and tween these days has a cell phone, but with the privilege also comes responsibilities. If your child thinks that the world would come to an end if you took their phone away, (and most of them do) then they also need to have a good understanding of cell phone etiquette.  Whether […]

Books for March

If you read regularly with your child then you are likely to find that sometimes it can be hard to keep finding books that you want to read. Not only this, but books that your child enjoys too. That is where we are here to help. We look through the newest books coming out, the […]

Discussing YouTuber Transgressions With Your Kids

These days, scarcely a week seems to go by in the news without one of the latest YouTube stars making some kind of serious mistake. Whether they released compromising pictures or whether they made an inappropriate or unwise comment, the media are always waiting in the wings to pounce on their transgressions. The YouTuber Phenomenon […]

Get Your Child To Make Media Of Their Own Instead Of Just Watching It 

On an average day, you can guarantee that your kids will have checked out their favorite YouTubers online, caught up on the latest TV shows, scrolled through their social media contacts, listened to some tunes and played a video game before it’s time for bed. Overall, they could be best described as passive consumers of […]

Our March Animation Recommendations

Oriental adventures are the name of the game this month, with some full on action animation and slapstick humor Korean style. There’s something for everyone when you throw in a little martial arts madness and mystical magic! Round up your geeks in training and treat them to Jackie Chan, the monks of Xiaolin, and Pucca! […]

Books For February

As parents, we know that reading with our children is incredibly important. Not only does it improve their reading skills, but it also a great time to bond and come together. The only trouble is finding the right books to read. Children’s books come in all shapes and sizes which means it can be tricky […]